Study Hall

Study Hall 101

School is in and homework is being passed out. Your kitchen counters and dining room tables will soon turn into a fire hazards as permission slips, homework and projects start piling up. Maybe now is a good time to create that designated study hall. If you can give them a whole room, more power to you, but if that seems a bit aggressive let’s just stick with defining a single space.

Choose Your Workspace

Start by choosing the biggest piece of furniture- the desk. This will set the tone of your work space. We are really loving the Oeuf Rabbit Play Chairs and Table Set. It’s obviously for our younger scholars, but is so fun and provides a ton of space for the little learners. Added bonus, it won’t completely clash with your decor. We realize that the Oeuf table isn’t going to work for everyone, kids will grow and so will the projects. In comes the LAX series Wall Mounted Desk. That’s right, just mount this one to the wall and save some floor space. It’s still nice and roomy, providing tons of space for science fair projects and book reports alike.


Art, Art Baby

There is nothing more dull than blank walls and your makeshift study hall needs visual stimulation too. The possibilities are endless, you can go with a more educational look and try the Uppercase Letter Stretched Canvas Wall Art, the colors are bold and really pop off the wall. Or you can try charging the space with a little abstract energy. Check out Petite + Pois Diddle Wall Art for a little artistic expression that is anything but ordinary. 


Lighting is Everything

With any space, good lighting is everything and your study hall is no exception. Fueledby something has some great options including whimsical lamps shaped as animals and you can’t forget about the adorable Little Prince! Again, we know the younger look doesn’t work for all of our students, so we’ve covered our bases and are pleased to let you know that the Oilo Studio Cylinder Lamps are the perfect option for the more mature family. 


Organizing Your Space

With every study hall station comes supplies, but they can get just as out of hand as the papers. We’ve come up with a couple of clever hacks for keeping all of your supplies in one spot. First find a paper system that works for you, something to keep permission slips, homework and book reports at bay. Canisters are key, they keep pens, markers, pencils, rulers, paper clips, etc. all in one place creating a very neat and organized place for your scholars to sit down and get to work.

Study Hall Snacks

We all know about those after school snack attacks. It’s a very delicate hour for kids, that time between lunch and dinner where they claim to be so hungry that they can’t concentrate on homework. We’ve got a solution for you- smoothies. A perfect study hall snack that won’t totally ruin dinner and it’s a great way to get more fruits and vegetables into their systems. Check out Cooking Light for more study hall snacks. If you’re looking for any tips about back to school, check out Pokkadots for their Back to School Basics post.